प्रथमं नैमिषं पुण्यं चक्रतीर्थं च पुष्करम् ।
अन्येषां चैव तीर्थानां सङ्ख्या नास्ति महीतले ।।

Importance Places of NAIMISHARANYA

1. Chakra Theerth:
It is stated in MahaaPuraanas, UpaPuraanas and OupaPuraanas that Chakra Theerth is created by the (Center of the) disc created by Brahma's heart. The consequences of the holy bath and taking in and sprinkling of the holy water are described in puraanas. Chakra Theerth is very sacred. It erases all sins. It is the center of the earth. It is the God of the earth.
Sprinkling of the holy water from Chakra Theerth is equivalent to the same good result as the holy bath after solar eclipse.
Man is rid of all his sins after the holy bath in Chakra Theerth.
chakra photo

2. Lalitha Devi
According to various Puraanas, When Sathi Devi burnt herself in the Yoga Agni after Daksha Yajna, Siva carried her body on his shoulders and started performing Siva Thandav. With this, creation of universe is affected and so Vishnu divided Sathi Devi's body into 108 parts.
The part that is present in Naimisharanya is the heart of Sathi Devi and is one of the Shakthi Peeths known as Lingadhaarinee Lalitha Devi.
Lalitha Devi photo

3. Vyaas Gaddi
At this place, Ved Vyaas divided Vedas into four main parts and created Puraanas and gave this Knowledge and the Knowledge of Shrimad Bhaagavath to his main disciples Jaimini, Angeera, Vaisampaayam, Pail, Shuk Dev and Suth and directed them to spread the Knowledge to the world.
Vyas Gaddi photo

4. Swayambhu Manu and Sathroopa
According to Padma Puraana, Raamaayan and Raamcharith Maanas the first man Swayambhu Manu and Sathroopa performed penance to obtain God as their son and were granted the boon.
Manu Satrupa photo

5. Suth Gaddi
At this Place, sage Suth had given discourses to Shounak and 88000 other sages.
Suth Gaddi photo

6. Hanumaan Gaddi and Pandav Kila
During the war between Lord Sree Raam and Raavan, Raam and Lakshman were made Captives of the war by Ahiraavan. He took them to Paathal puri. Hanumaan had killed Ahiraavan and placed Raam and Lakshman on his shoulders and from this place, travelled south. That is why Hanumaan appears here facing south.
The place at which Pandavas performed penance for twelve years after Mahaabhaarath war is known as Pandav Kila.
Hanumaan Gaddi photo

7. Dasaashvmegh Ghaat
Lord Sree Raam performed tenth Ashvmedh Yajna at this place. In the ancient temple at this place, the idols of Lord Sree Raam, Lakshman and Janaki are seen along with that of Lord Siva known as Siddheshwar Mahaadev.
Siddheswar Mahadev Photo

8. Dadheechi Kund
Lord Indra requested for the bones of saint Dadheechi to make a weapon to kill the demon Vritta Asur. Saint Dadheechi yielded for the sake of the welfare of the people but with the final wish of visiting all the holy places and holy bath in all the holy rivers of India. As that would take a long time and meanwhile the demon would attack them, all the holy places and holy rivers were invited to this place. Since the holy waters of all the holy rivers were mixed, it is known as Misrit Threeth or Dadheechi Kund. Sprinkling of this holy water from this kund or holy bath will yield the benefits of bathing in all the sacred rivers.
Mishrit Tirth photo

At this place, sage Dadheechi got his skin licked by cows and presented his bones by which the weapon Vajr was made the demon was killed.
Apart from these, Hatyaharan, Devdeveshwar, Rudraavarth, Seetha Kund and others are also present.